In online casinos, crash games are quickly rising in popularity. 2019 saw the release of Jet X from the Smartsoft Gaming service, the jetx crash game which quickly gained popularity among the best online casinos in the industry.

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The term “game” refers to creating a fresh gaming format that gives an entirely new type of enjoyment based on the needs of a human. The main characteristic is that participants consistently expect great wins while being in the dark.

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There is always a choice: choose for modest gains or push for the best possibilities. Thus, fortune has the final say, just like most online gambling.

Best JetX Casino: Pros and Cons


  • Has a demo version where you can practice;
  • No expertise or experience is necessary;
  • Shock-inducing sound design that is immersive;
  • Intriguing gameplay;
  • Potentially high payout;
  • Mobile app availability
  • Random results;
  • You can climb to any height you can go.


  • Extremely volatile, making it simple to lose money quickly.
  • The game graphics used during the gameplay are not updated.

What is JetX?

JetX is a cutting-edge online casino game introduced last January 24, 2019, by the Smarsoft Gaming Studio. It is more of an aviator game which allows JetX player/s to be more versatile in betting big bet on the game.

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Also, the high level of winning great money, a very simple mechanic, and the straightforward storyline are some of the great features of the game. Getting your treasure before the jet crashes is the main objective of the JetX bet game.

And from the start of the round, the payout rises steadily, but if you don’t make it before the crash, your wager will be lost. The game is popular among the best casinos in the industry thanks to its ease of use and consistently fascinating action.

Play Jet X At An Online Casino

The game has no designated website, but it is being offered at online casinos, where you can not only play JetX but also other games made by Smartsoft Gaming.

However, make sure to check the legitimacy and the license number of the online casino you will be playing because nowadays, there are a lot of fake and casino gaming platforms that would scam or worse, hack the information you have provided.

JetX Casino Real Money: Interface Design

The JetX interface design is determined by a background image and symbols, unlike other themed crash games and online slots, which have more restrictions. Despite being space-inspired, the plane takes off from an airport and waits for passengers to board before taking off.

You are not yet in space when you lift off, where you would travel faster and pass balloons. As soon as you are in space, the background becomes darker, you pass satellites, and as you travel further, you cross planets of all sizes.

A flawless experience is provided to players in this simple game. The graphics and game speed are of the highest caliber done by SmartSoft Gaming.

bet game jetx

The pressure to place your bet promptly will be felt by you, just as it is for the passengers who must get to the boarding area in plenty of time to catch their flight.

Because you don’t need to use your hands a lot or think a lot, unlike while playing a wheel or card game, you’ll describe it as a casual yet entertaining form of the game.

You’ll experience thrills by making sure your wager flies on the subsequent flight and that you collect before the plane crashes.

How to Registered for Playing JetX Game?

Registering an account for the game JetX Casino is easy. But before anything else, you have to be already 18 years old to play bet game JetX because you can’t proceed if you’re under 18. And any casino site follows the rules of the government of any country.

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Moreover, here’s the step-by-step guide on registering a casino account for JetX casino:

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating an Account for JetX Bet Game:

  1. Go to your favorite casino gaming site that offers or play Jet X game.
  2. In the upper right corner of the Play JetX Bet site, click the registration button.
  3. Once it directs you to the registration page, fill in the required information.
  4. You will create a username and password and provide your legitimate email address.
  5. And once you have filled everything in, click the register below. You may confirm your account at the email address you have provided.
  6. Also, it’s up to you to link your bank account to deposit some funds.

Once you have confirmed your account, or you already have deposited money in your account, you can now play Jetx and make your first bet.

Or before starting playing, you might consider playing the demo mode to help you familiarize yourself with how the game works.

How to Play JetX?

How JetX game play is easy and you might place one or more wagers on each round of Jet X game real money to guess which multiplier the plane will crash at because as the length increases when the plane flies, your initial bet also multiplies.

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For each round, you can wager from €0.10 and €300. It can fall catastrophically at any time (from 1 to infinity), even a maximum bet at a multiplier of 1.00.

To cash out before the jet plane explodes is the game’s goal. Once it explodes, your wager is lost. You can always win as much money the easy way out or be a risk-taker and go for the maximum bet. Also, you can win the same amount of money as the round progresses.

It’s worth noting that as the round begins, other JetX players are betting the same plane and the same round. And as the round progresses, they will cash out mid air, and another player loses the same round.

If you’re not confident with how you bet your rounds, you can always play the demo mode or the demo version so you can have a full grasp of your strategy to win.

Rules of the Game in Jet X?

This crash game is a multiplayer game, and the rules game JetX is simple but requires players to certain strategies that would help them as much money as they can win.

To begin, casino players will be at the slot game and round landing strip where Jet X is getting ready to take off once the game has loaded, this is also the time when punters are placing bets, and they can put their wagers anywhere from 0.1 and 600.

jetx bet mobile

Note, the goal is to keep up with the JetX play airplane as it gains altitude and has enough time to withdraw the coefficient when you want to. The gain increases as the takeoff point rises.

play jet x

However, if you weren’t able to collect your profits before the game ends or before the jet plane crashes, then better luck next round.

How to Bet in JetX Game?

Betting in the JetX game or any slot machines is easy but it would be better if you would play in your favorite online casino as some other betting sites that offer these kinds of crash games are scamming players on their winnings.

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Once you have found the right online casino that would suit your taste and also offers JetX casino games, then here’s how you would bet the best casinos:

Real Money JetX: How To Bet

  1. Make sure that you have available funds in your playing account.
  2. Open the JetX bet game. You can also use the fullscreen mode so that it would be easy for you to determine your best strategy.
  3. At the bottom area of the game, place the amount that you want to bet. If you’re going for the hassle-free placing of bets, you can on the autoplay configurations. Or you would do it manually.

It would be a better idea if you would play volatile, where you will bet low from time to time to maximize the money you have in your account.

JetX Casino Deposit Methods

Online gambling nowadays has a lot of deposit methods for players. And it would be a better choice for players who would love to play JetX if the best online casinos that they have chosen had a lot of deposit methods.

Here are some deposit methods that players shoulder consider when playing JetX on an online casino: Astro Pay, Bank Transfer, CASHlib, Cryptocurrency, Interac, Master Card, NeoSurf Card, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Visa, etc.

jetx bitcoin

Also, the JetX casino deposit amount will depend on the option that you have chosen during the process of registering your account.

Some options require you to deposit at least $10 before playing JetX. Thus, make sure to check the minimum deposit fee of the option you have chosen.

Auto Withdraw Mode or Manual Withdraw at JetX Game

There are two ways to withdraw your winnings. You have two options: turn on the automatic withdrawal mode, or choose to do it manually – and this option allows you to specify the goal multiplier at which the current round will end without your intervention. Of course, you will lose if the aircraft crashes before the specified multiplier.

Even after turning on automatic withdrawal, you can still make manual withdrawals. For this reason, if they sense that the plane is about to crash, some players set an auto-withdrawal multiplier of 10 to 20 and withdraw manually before reaching it. And this is called playing safe.

JetX Bet at Mobile App

Nowadays, online betting is convenient as punters can make their bets through mobile devices. And also, with the help of mobile banking, they can easily deposit and withdraw their winnings anytime, anywhere.

JetX bet mobile is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Players can directly download the app through the App Store or Play Store.

Most legit online casinos in the industry have dedicated mobile apps. And tools are all the same, even though their designs differ slightly. Thus, the JetX online casino game is directly linked to the servers of the game’s creator, which independently regulate how the game’s algorithms function.

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It is also advisable to play at a regulated online casino mobile app as most of these cannot be hacked or faked and are regulated by the gambling commission of which country the app is regulated.

Online casinos’ mobile browsers also offer the same game but again only utilize a direct link on the casino website to obtain legitimate mobile apps.

3 Trips That Would Help You Win in JetX Games

Here are three (3) tips that would help you win or improve your game rounds in JetX:

Placing Large Bets on Low Multipliers and Small Bets on High Multipliers

In your game round, you can place a large bet with auto-withdraw on a low multiplier and a small bet on a high multiplier. This plan has two objectives.

The first is to place a large wager while attempting to minimize risk, secure consistent wins, and maintain a steady balance. On the other hand, the little wager is there to try to strike a significant multiplier that could increase your balance.

Play Volatile and Withdraw Your Winnings As Soon as Possible

This strategy is to place larger bets than usual and to cash out on weak multipliers. Because the smallest multiplier that the game will allow you to have is x1.35. And the goal jetx strategy is to consistently make money and to take your earnings out of the casino site as soon as possible.

Applying Martingale Strategy

The Martingale method is placing a small initial wager and doubling it after each unsuccessful wager. Bet one dollar, lose, then two, lose, four, win money six, lose, and eight, win. You have wagered a total of $15, and your most recent round’s winnings are $16. This amounts to a $1 profit. Even though this method is dangerous but this is how great players become successful in their games.


JetX is a risky game that’s why some punters opt to play it with a martingale strategy because the casino will always prevail in the long run since the odds are against the player. However, crash games like JetX obviously provide players with much more control than traditional slots.

The game allows players the opportunity to choose whether to withdraw early and collect that small win or wait a little longer to risk their money for a chance to win something bigger.


Is JetX Legit?

Yes, the casino JetX game is legitimate.

How is the JetX Win Calculated?

The results of each game round are determined randomly. And your wins are calculated by multiplying your initial wager by the multiplier you selected at the start of each game.

How Do I Withdraw My Money?

You need to register a casino account, deposit money, play Jet X, and withdraw your winnings from any withdrawal options available in JetX casinos.

What is the Minimum Amount to Start Playing JetX?

A minimum bet for money JetX bet would depend on the online casinos that are offering play JetX. Thus, it is essential to play Jetx or other casino games on an online provider where it accepts a minimum amount of $1.

Which is the RTP in JetX?

Sadly, the casinos play JetX has no RTP or volatility because the game is completely random. The odds of winning the game will always be not in your favor, as it is always 50/50.

Are There JetX Bonuses?

Yes, there are online casino websites that offer JetX bonuses or even cash prizes. But make sure you only play at regulated and legitimate betting sites, as there are many fake and scam sites nowadays.

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